Title: Amen Girlies Dude
Catalog: n/a
Year: 2000
Location: Millvale, PA

The only album I released as Dreamboy.  Most of my early music was really rough around the edges, but there was usually a bit of charm or parts that were curiously interesting.  This one...this is absolutely painful to listen to.  I was into happy hardcore very heavily and tried to make something that might have sounded like it came out of Kniteforce Records.  In doing so, I just ended up with some very annoying breakbeat-heavy repetition with absolutely horrible synth solos and lots of unintended dissonance.  I am a bit proud of the cover art though.  I made that in MS Paint in between helping old ladies with their voicemail while working at a call center.

01. Girl Oh Girl
02. Why Do i Dream of You?
03. You Make Me Say Owww
04. I Want Your Love
05. Love to Love the Girlies
06. Underwater Striptease