Title: Before i Was Almost Good
Catalog: XLZADL007
Year: 1996-2003
Location: Various

A collection of songs from before I was releasing music as Jon Zaremba.  Old and amateurish stuff from the 90s.  Great in concept, but very poorly executed and produced.  Listener beware!

01. We Want Less Zombies
02. Did You Get the Tape i Sent Ya? (Cypher Remix)
03. Wong Fei Hung
04. The Chorus of the Saucer-Shaped Fleet
05. My Two Inch Subwoofer
06. Get Ready to Fite in the Name of Heaven
07. Believe in the Energy Rays of a Jelly Doughnut
08. Drop that Zero and Get with the Hero
09. We Kill You EP (Side A)
10. Don't Give Up (No Turning Back Version)
11. Be the Power (Deathstalker Mix)
12. Eat Me i Taste Good
13. Horror 13
14. I Need Someone Like Ryu
15. The Turbulence of Being Both Sober and Ugly
16. The Unlimited Possibilities of Human Beings
17. The Ballad of Iowotflaichi
18. Microscopic Devices Functioning from within Your Neck
19. Make Me Believe that Believing in You Won't Make Me Cry
20. Horror 04
21. A Tad Askew
22. Sometimes i Feel Like... (Destroying Mix)
23. 30,000 Points