Title: Einhander EP
Catalog: XLZACD001
Year: 2007
Location: Ogden, UT

EINHANDER is the first truly important album I made.  In 2007, I was 10 years into this musical vocation...making tons of albums.  Although some of them may be somewhat remarkable, none of my previous albums rivaled EINHANDER in philosophical thematic significance.

Only 10 copies were pressed.  Housed in a wooden box.  Inked using my own blood and semen.  5 songs to destroy and create.  You can preview the 2nd track "Death" here.

The below essay was written to accompany the release of the EINHANDER EP.

The Reasoning of "Einhander"


EINHANDER was conceived long before the release of VIGILANTE ROMANCE, but the music was not written and recorded until summer/autumn of 2007. Countless rejections by even the smallest and most insignificant indie record labels forced me to create Exceliza. To this date, i have yet to sell a single copy of VIGILANTE ROMANCE. In 10 years of music making, i've sold a grand total of 14 CDs. I refuse to admit that my financial failures are a reflection of my music.

I am not the first artist to be rejected. I make no claims that my music is the best available. But i do recognize that nobody else is doing quite what i do and that my music is largely uncategorizable. But more importantly, my music is an unabashed extension of my self. I've spent my 30 years building my self...honing it...sculpting it to the best of my ability. The purpose of my music is to extend my self to those gracious enough to embrace it, and in doing so...to redesign the world in such a way that it is more hospitable to my ideals. To reject my music is to reject my ideals. And to reject my ideals is to nullify my existence.

Perhaps most frustratingly, i've faced no direct opposition. I have no antagonists. I've sent thousands upon thousands of CDs to a variety of individuals, magazines, and labels and have never received any negative feedback. In fact, the only opinions ever shared were from a handful of close acquaintances, most of which react with hostility towards my stoicism. Their bitterness has had no effect on me. The true genesis of EINHANDER was the complete indifference of everyone else. I would prefer to be hated than ignored.

Those directly responsible for this ignorance are the employees of the record labels who were unwilling to take a chance on something aesthetically unique, philosophically grounded, and personally heartfelt. EINHANDER is my single-handed effort to focus my anger on these fools and to symbolically destroy them with my music. Their death is my life.

01. Your
02. Death
03. Is
04. My
05. Life

EINHANDER intentionally begins with a murky mess of torrid hatred [01 - Your], focuses itself to a single beam of righteous destruction [02 - Death], contemplates a life of continued pessimism or hopeful optimism [03 - Is], embraces the joy of living regardless of what the next day may bring [04 - My], and sprints forward indefinitely toward a self-made fate of uncompromising happiness [05 - Life].

This CD exemplifies the creation of life at the expense of righteous death. I do not enjoy music which is destructive simply for the sake of destruction. Violence and bloodshed should only be glorified when they are tools to destroy evil and bring about new life. EINHANDER (and all of my Jon Zaremba releases) is music for life. It is my love of life that fills my heart with hatred towards all those who wish to extinguish it. I find great joy in destroying them with violent electronic music.

The pivotal point in EINHANDER is exactly halfway through the middle song [03 - Is] . At this moment life wins over death and the album turns toward positivity. It is here that i decide to create life anew rather than dwell upon both my own misery and the misery that i have created within those i've destroyed. This moment is accentuated with the "life or death?" sample.

Furthermore, the musical triumph of life over death is a reflection of the inclusion of my blood and semen in the inking of the liner notes and the album cover's imagery. The letting of blood being symbolic of death. The letting of semen being the creation of new life. The final song [05 - Life] ends with a reverberated reprise of the main melody. This is a statement of my will to live even beyond my own death.

Although much of my music is symmetrical it is not my intention to proclaim that both good and evil are morally equivalent. I work this way because a true love of life can never exist without a true understanding of death...and because volitional life is not free. In stating this, i am compelled to admit that i am perversely grateful to the idiots of the record industry for ignoring my music. I had one hell of a blast making EINHANDER!

#01 = $100
#02 = $200
#03 = $400
#04 = $800
#05 = $1600
#06 = $3200
#07 = $6400
#08 = $12,800
#09 = $25,600
#10 = $51,200

This is the best work i've done so far and it is rewarding to deliberately limit its exposure to 10 insanely expensive copies. I want to keep my best for myself and for those who are likely to value it.

Today, my hope is that my music will stand the test of time. Perhaps some year in the future someone will discover EINHANDER while sifting through the wreckage of the record industry. Perhaps at this time i will be valued. Please use the DNA inked in the CD booklet to recreate me so that i may sequence music beyond my death.