Title: Electronic False Metal
Catalog: XLZADL008
Year: 2005-2013
Location: Various

ELECTRONIC FALSE METAL is comprised of demos, outtakes, and test music mostly from the VIGILANTE ROMANCE through PROHAIRESIS eras as I was experimenting to find the electronic metal sound that ultimately became PROHAIRESIS.  I found all of the music for this album while cleaning off a hard drive from my old computer.  Most of this material was completely forgotten until my final album (PROMONTORY) was finished and the studio dismantled.  Looking back, I really enjoy these tracks and am glad that they were preserved.

The final song is a remix I did for the metal band Alestorm.  It was never used and I'm pretty sure they hated it.

I took this album's cover photo at a gas station men's room in Blanding, Utah in 2008. It is significant for three reasons:

1. They had enough initiative to place a container under the soap dispenser, collecting the spillover and preventing an unnecessary mess on the sink.
2. They bothered to label the cup so that the anonymous patrons knew it's purpose.
3. The fragile Styrofoam cup appears to have been there for years, never having been crushed by some random traveler.

01. Test 09
02. Disrespect to Sheep
03. Test 02
04. I Want Music
05. Test 08
06. Jam 2
07. Test 01
08. The Best Way to Tear Anything Down is to Smash
09. Test 06
10. Test 07
11. Helen Crump
12. Test 03
13. Strength Without Unity
14. Test 11
15. Snakes this is Not Your Room this is My Room So You Just Get Out of Here
16. Test 04
17. Jam 1
18. Test 05
19. Damn Your Pacifism
20. Test 10b
21. Keelhauled