Title: Jon Zaremba 01
Catalog: XLZADL003
Year: 2003-2005
Location: Various

This is the first compilation from the Jon Zaremba era of music, featuring tracks from VADE, ONE WARRIOR AGAINST THE ARMY OF DEATH, JON'S CANDY, and ODI.

It contains the previously-unreleased bonus track "Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things"...inspired by one of my favorite movies.  You can download the song here.

01. Fight for Purity
02. Hail Charles Bronson
03. I'm Alright!
04. The Price of Her Love will be Paid to the Ghoul Who Watches from Outside Her Unlocked Bedroom Window
05. The Living Walls are Soft, Soaked with Blood
06. Jon's Candy 04
07. Jon's Candy 05
08. The Light Will Kill Them
09. Room 10 Theme Intro
10. The Defeated Beasts of the Underground Gather Their Strength and Plot Their Revenge
11. Continual Self-Exorcism
12. Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things (Unreleased Bonus Track)