Title: Jon Zaremba 02
Catalog: XLZACD006
Year: 2007-2013
Location: Various

This is the second compilation from the Jon Zaremba era of music, featuring tracks from EINHANDER, VIGILANTE ROMANCE, MAYBERRY ROMANCE, SOLIFUGAE, and PROHAIRESIS. 

This compilation is best described as the "VST era" of my work.  Everything from this point onward was a return to where I began: vintage hardware synthesizers.

01. Death
02. It is Better to Die than to Submit
03. When the Law is Unjust, It is Not Only Your Right, But Your Duty to Rebel
04. Maurizio Merli
05. Helen Crump's Sagacity
06. Thelma Lou's Devotion
07. Andy Taylor's Judiciousness
08. The Insidious Wizard Grasps the Intangible
09. You Cry Out for the God Who has Abandoned You as their Decaying Bodies Amalgamate into One Impenetrable Barrier of Noxious Softness
10. Afterbirth (Part 1)
11. Vehemence
12. Dexterity
13. Veracity
14. Stoicism