Title: Odi
Catalog: N/A
Year: 2005
Location: Victorville, CA

Tracks 1-7 were influenced by the script "Room 10" written by Zane Hershberger.  The remainder of this album is compiled of similar thematic dark ambient/horror tracks.

I was just beginning to get into software VST synths at this time.  This album is from that great period where hardware and software combined.

01. Room 10 Theme Intro
02. The Secret Guilt of the Hotel Manager
03. The Old Man Stalks His Prey
04. The Old Man Strikes
05. The Darkness Inside the Frame
06. The Distant Light Can Not Be Reached
07. Room 10 Theme Outtro
08. The Defeated Beasts of the Underground Gather Their Strength and Plot Their Revenge
09. The Inevitable Corporate American Drive to Eliminate the Genes that Combine to Form Individuals Like Me
10. Continual Self-Exorcism
11. The Beauty of the Ghost's Eternal Will for Vengeance
12. On Black Winds, Demons Ride Up from Hell to Massacre Your Women