Title: One Warrior Against the Army of Death
Catalog: N/A
Year: 2004
Location: Victorville, CA

ONE WARRIOR AGAINST THE ARMY OF DEATH is the beginning of my "electronic false metal" sound that was honed in the years to follow.  I bought a cheap VST virtual guitar synth (I think it was called Slayer) and used it extensively, combining it with the great virtual synth Vanguard.

The title comes from one of the few anime that I enjoy, CURSE OF THE UNDEAD YOMA.  I'm wearing the shirt from the film on the album cover.

01. Jon Z. Vs. Satan Even though I've been making music for several years with Soulpsychadelicide, I see ONE WARRIOR AGAINST THE ARMY OF DEATH as my debut creation, and my proudest achievement thus far.

Throughout my formative years, various styles of electronic music were presented to me, many of which I cam to adore. As much as i love certain artists, there is always one common theme that continues to corrupt the works of most electronic music: Groove. I've always thought that the adherence to hip hop's non-philosophy was unnecessary for electronic musicians. It will always bewilder me how often electronic music is intertwined with rap, disco, jazz, dance, etc...And the themes presented by these urban styles. There is no reason why every artist should feel obligated to create music for either the dance floor or the dope fiend. So I've often yearned for music that liberates itself from the confines of such banality. Since nobody else was making it, I decided that it was up to me to entertain myself.

My goal was to create an electronic album of songs that have kick without sass, distortion without nihilism, melody without cheese, atmosphere without lethargy, darkness without despair...and power WITH perception. ONE WARRIOR AGAINST THE ARMY OF DEATH is an almost perfectly accurate representation of the music that has lived unsettled in my mind for years now.

I hope that this album brings you the same joy in listening as it did me in creating.
02. Protect Your Soul
03. Strength Without Unity
04. The Thrill of Loneliness
05. Hail Charles Bronson
06. Kuji No In
07. Fight for Purity
08. The Advance of the Self-Righteous
09. The Last 15 Minutes of Drunken Master II
10. All Truth is Human, Diving, and Law
11. Mjolnir Smashing the ACLU
12. I Am the Chosen One Because i Chose My Self
13. I'm Alright!