Title: Opposites are One
Catalog: SHO004
Year: 1998
Location: Baden, PA

OPPOSITES ARE ONE is my first attempt at a concept album.  Each song is paired with another, expressing the opposite viewpoint of the first...playing with the idea of duality.  I was very much into yin and yang at this time, but more from the perspective of the struggle to obtain that sort of opposing harmony.  This is why I drew the yin and yang in a diamond shape rather than as a circle.  OPPOSITES ARE ONE was when I first introduced Soulpsychadelicide, which became my "band" name for several years.

CD1 01. Make Me Believe that Believing In You Won't Make Me Cry
CD1 02. I Do Believe
CD1 03. No Quiero Mas Dalor
CD1 04. Pain is Good
CD1 05. Cumming to Grips with Masturbation
CD1 06. Making Love to the Unlovable
CD1 07. I Can't Bear the Fact that i Lost
CD1 08. 30,000 Points
CD1 09. My Delite
CD1 10. Your Disgust
CD2 01. The Rareness of Nazgol
CD2 02. The Splendor of Dee Dee
CD2 03. I Killed a Sparrow with My Car the Other Day and this is the Sound of Her Soul Going to Heaven
CD2 04. Kill Everything without a Single Thought
CD2 05. Lonelitude Level in a Full Room
CD2 06. Lonelitude Level when Alone
CD2 07. The Turbulence of Being both Sober and Ugly
CD2 08. The Insipid Textures of a Drugged Up Pretty Girl's Mind
CD2 09. Please
CD2 10. Thank You