Title: Power Made Flesh
Catalog: SHO002
Year: 1998
Location: State College, PA

My second official album.  Still pretty horrendous...but sticking to my original interest in making passionate personal electronic music.  This was the first album to feature my spokesmodel, Kate Moss on the cover.  This was also the first album to begin with a song featuring a stand up comic...a theme that eventually evolved into proper introductions by comics.  The track "Unloved Symphony" is a poorly-executed Moby cover.  Also, I was very influenced by DHR at this time and the final track is my response to the phony anarchism of Alec Empire.  The title, POWER MADE FLESH is an Akuma reference.

01. Pryor Love
02. Unloved Symphony
03. Cypher Screaming
04. I Need Someone Like Ryu
05. Autumn
06. All You Women
07. Oh Gee i'm Happy
08. Cursed Destiny (Chosen Edit)
09. Your Eyes when You Kissed Me Through My Open Car Door Window that Night
10. I Know that Anarchy is Not Possible Because All Things are Created to Inherently Form Boundaries in which to Exist