Title: Prohairesis
Catalog: XLZACD005
Year: 2013
Location: Ogden, UT

PROHAIRESIS is both the peak of my composition skills as well as the quintessential "electronic false metal" album.  There were 5 different VST guitars layered and triggered throughout each track of the album, maxing out my computer's capabilities and the threshold of my patience. 

PROHAIRESIS underwent several revisions, taking approximately three years to complete.  It is also a landmark album philosophically, picking up where MAYBERRY ROMANCE left off...but this time expressing the 13 virtues that are most important to me personally.  The cover artwork depicts a digital rendering of a survival knife; an allegory of what this album represents musically. 

I usually direct strangers to PROHAIRESIS when they express curiosity in my work.  Although it hasn't been very well received, I am confident that it will foster the interest of future generations.

01. Autonomy
Independence and self-sufficiency

Once upon a time an innocent man was stoned to death by his townspeople. His broken body was tossed into a cavern among the corpses of other heathen dissenters. As his lifeforce was drained from him, and his world was turned to darkness, he found himself at the gates of Heaven. The blackness of his mind was replaced by an impenetrable gray fog.

From behind this fog, the thunderous voice of God spoke to him. God granted the man entrance into his kingdom without hesitation. No challenges, criticisms, or reviews of his life's accomplishments were required. The man refused to enter, for he had never considered an afterlife. Because he had not believed, he had not earned eternal life, and did not wish to accept it. Because of his defiance, God threatened to send the man to Hell instead.

The man spoke, "If i have no control of my fate, then what should it matter? A will for Hell is preferred to an enslavement of ecstasy."

At this God was outraged. He refused him entrance to both Heaven and Hell and offered to create a unique realm just for the man to exist alone, in neither pain nor pleasure.

The man requested Hell, "I choose not to live in the shadow of generosity and mercy." God replied that mercy has no place in his judgment. The man responded, "Then why haggle with the rewards or punishments that eternal life can offer? For vengeance?"

God's voice boomed that he is neither vengeful nor pacifistic, and that his actions are rooted in a methodology that is beyond human consciousness.

"There is nothing beyond human consciousness." declared the man.

With this statement, God was overcome by anger. The gates of Heaven shook at their foundation. God stepped forward from beyond his veil of fog to reveal his image identical to that of the man. With a flash of fire from his eyes, he sent the man back to earth.

The man awakened in the tomb created by his antagonists. He survived for several months on rats, invertibraes, and fungae until his broken bones were mended. Using the remains of his fellow corpses, he dug his way up from the underground. With new found strength and determination, he sought revenge for his injustices, and lived a long life of freedom and prosperity.

This album is a musical representation of the faculty of his volition.

02. Obstinance
Adherence to your own ideas or desires regardless of authority
03. Determination
The refusal to abandon a principle or task at a time when it appears that success is unreachable
04. Tenacity
Holding persistently to an ideal in the face of violent disagreement
05. Perspicacity
Keenness of mental perception in an environment of murky ambiguity
06. Vehemence
A fervidly intense expression of conviction
07. Vindictiveness
The desire to seek revenge for both personal satisfaction and justice
08. Dexterity
Well honed mental or physical skill
09. Prowess
Exceptional valor in battle
10. Veracity
Adhering to and promoting the truth of a rational existence
11. Avidity
Unabashed celebration of one's values
12. Illustrativity
Leading by example
13. Stoicism
Indifference to the opinions and influences of others