Title: Rozel
Catalog: XLZACD008
Year: 2015
Location: Matthews, NC

ROZEL is best experienced along side WAHWEAP.  As with other past projects of mine (i.e. - Mayberry / Vigilante Romance, We Love / Kill You, Opposites are One, etc...) I have explored the concept of duality.  Where WAHWEAP is dark and vile, ROZEL is bright and somewhat cheerful.  I thoroughly enjoyed creating this album.  All of the music was produced with hardware synths and recorded live with sound and atmosphere taking priority over refined composition.

01. The Kate Conner

I've only felt truly at home in one place: Promontory Point and the surrounding areas of Rozel Bay on the northern edge of the Great Salt Lake.  The remnants of industry, the abandoned ranches, the violent rocks, the rotting birds...the smell of it all brings back a fervent sense of deja vu unlike anything i've experienced elsewhere.

With ROZEL, i hoped to capture a warm sensation of curious comfort...A contentment produced by the phantom memories of profound purpose and belonging.  This album is the evocation of my love for a personal history that never was...and the thirsting for a life in a desolate landscape of salt.

ROZEL is the sister album to WAHWEAP.  The songs on both albums were produced rapidly and recorded live in studio on one stereo track.  An unplanned conception.  I hope it finds you well.

~ Jon Zaremba (February 2015)

02. Spiral Jetty
03. Hogup
04. Kelton
05. Widgeon
06. Indian Cove
07. Sparks Slough
08. Curlew
09. Tarpey
10. Chokecherry
11. Messix
12. Corrine
13. Salt Wells