Title: Ryu
Catalog: XLZADL001
Year: 1996-1998
Location: Various...

A compilation of music that I made as Ryu.  This was later released under Exceliza Records as a download.  The final track should not have been part of this compilation since it was done during the Soulpsychadelicide era.  It was included here in error.

01. Ken's Dream (Ken Parts 1-3)
02. The Ballad of Iowotflaichi
03. Hikage
04. I Need Someone Like Ryu
05. Your Eyes when You Kissed Me Through My Open Car Door Window that Night
06. Make Me Believe that Believing in You Won't Make Me Cry
07. 30,000 Points
08. The Rareness of Nazgol
09. The Turbulence of Being Both Sober and Ugly
10. Did You Get the Tape i Sent Ya? (Cypher Remix)