Title: Solifugae
Catalog: XLZACD004
Year: 2009
Location: Ogden, UT

The first half of SOLIFUGAE features several experimental dark ambient / false metal horror-related songs.  The second half is music composed for Zane Hershberger's short films 13 STEPS TO TERROR and AFTERBIRTH.

01. The Crippled Scientist Travels from Aeons Past to Unleash the Ferocity of Ancient Techniques Upon this Naive Planet

Damnation deflected back up from the abyss
I swallow your hatred and regurgitate it upon you
Absorbing your judgment, making me stronger
Until the optimum moment arises, i wait patiently

Then i will strike without mercy
Savoring your pleas for forgiveness
Each on of your screams brings me closer to ecstasy
I rejoice as you lay at my feet, your knees at your chest

Were it days or months?
You bore me now
I hand you a dull knife
In well-earned sorrow, you take your own life

I delete your legacy from this world
Nothing shall remain
Not your memory, not your name
It will be as though you never ever lived

02. Sleep Paralysis is their Weapon
03. Nothing Shall Remain, Not Your Memory, Your Name, It will Be as Though You Never Ever Lived
04. The Insidious Wizard Grasps the Intangible
05. You Cry Out for the God that has Abandoned You as their Decaying Bodies Amalgamate into One Impenetrable Barrier of Noxious Softness
06. A Simple Act of Annihilation
07. 13 Steps to Terror (Part 1)
08. 13 Steps to Terror (Part 2)
09. 13 Steps to Terror (Part 3)
10. Afterbirth (Part 1)
11. Afterbirth (Part 2)
12. Afterbirth (Part 3)
13. Afterbirth (Part 4)