Title: Soulpsychadelicide
Catalog: XLZADL002
Year: 1998-2003
Location: Various

This is a compilation of various songs from the Soulpsychadelicide era, compiled as an Exceliza download release.

01. Horror 04
02. We Won't Take No for an Answer
03. Microscopic Devices Functioning from Within Your Neck
04. Believe in the Energy Rays of a Jelly Doughnut
05. We Want Less Zombies
06. There is a Way
07. Because of Their Pedigreed Evil Intentions, and the Disgust We Have Towards all Zombies, Anyone Who Supports Hip Hop Culture is Our Enemy
08. Be the Power (Deathstalker Version)
09. Remote Viewing Don Quixote
10. Horror 23