Title: UFOs Are Real
Catalog: n/a
Year: 2000
Location: Millvale, PA

UFOS ARE REAL is the primary Don Quixote release.  I still enjoy listening to this one.  I used lots of vintage synths and mixed everything down live.  Roland SHA3, Arp Axxe, Korg Poly 61M, Roland Juno 60, Alpha Juno One, and a few others that I'm forgetting.  This album is also the first one to feature my second spokesmodel, Jun Kusanagi (aka Mizuo Khanou).

01. What SETI Can't Hear
02. The Chorus of the Saucer Shaped Fleet
03. Full Control Over All Electric Powered Systems
04. An Indestructible Metallic Material Which Maintains Complete Flexibility
05. Gray/Human Fetus
06. Microscopic Devices Functioning from Inside Your Neck
07. Are they Visitors from the Phuture?
08. Whether UFOs are from Another Galaxy, Dimension, or Time, their Reality Should be an Inspiration to Earthlings, Regardless if their Agenda is of Good or Evil, Simply as an Illustration of the Supreme Magnificence of Creation