Title: Vade
Catalog: N/A
Year: 2003
Location: Victorville, CA

VADE remains my meanest and heaviest collection of horror-related material.  It's deliberately rough and distorted.  Everything here was done with hardware synths...mostly vintage 70s and 80s gear.  I have very fond memories of this era and really enjoyed exploring the darkness with this material.

01-01. Nonexistent Voices Whisper Subliminal Passage This album is a testament to my love for horror movie soundtracks. I hope for it to serve as an example to those in the industry that fantasy, imagination, and originality can still be a part of the genre. While there have been a small handful of decent horror films made in the last ten years, most of them either play like a reality TV show or try to be too glossy for their own good. Musically, all of them are boring. The music of horror films should not be slick and polished. It must be disjointed, hairy, and vile. One of the main reasons that the movies of the 70s and early 80s ARE more frightening is because their directors had good audio and video aesthetics.

My foremost intent with VADE is to recapture the spirit of the golden years of horror with the use of modern technology. The initial concept was to create various songs of various moods and themes. I always had a very specific scene in mind for each song. Most often, i would create the song title first, and then try to match the music to my thoughts. None of the songs were meant to interact with each other. However, once i finished these 20 songs i noticed how they could be organized in such a way as to formulate a conceivable plot structure. Therefore, VADE became a concept album. The song titles speak for themselves. Read them and listen to the music.. I'll allow your imagination to fill in all the necessary blanks.
01-02. Her Skin was Not Soft Enough
01-03. You Should Have Treated Him Nicely
01-04. You Can Not Hide - He Will Stalk and Slaughter You and Your Friends
01-05. The Price of Her Love will be Paid to the Ghoul Who Watches Her from Her Unlocked Bedroom Window
01-06. Don't Walk There
01-07. A Kiss Before You Die
01-08. No Matter How Hard You Scream, It will Not Be Loud Enough
01-09. Bludgeon
01-10. Illuminated in White, She Rises from Her Grave to Join the Forces of Darkness
02-01. She Wants to Eat My Brains
02-02. Remembering when You Were Human
02-03. One By One they Rise from the Cold Moist Ground
02-04. An Army of Zombies Marching Towards the Suburbs
02-05. Paranoia is Your Only Defense
02-06. Although the Black Fog is Blinding, You Know that You Are Surrounded
02-07. The Living Walls are Soft, Soaked with Blood
02-08. I'm Bitten...How Much Time Do i Have Before...
02-09. Taking Advantage of Dark Powers to Destroy Evil
02-10. Splattering the Blood and Guts of a Field Full of Walking Corpses -- A Natural High