Title: Vigilante Romance
Catalog: XLZACD002
Year: 2007
Location: Victorville, CA

This album is an homage to the men of fiction who did what the men of reality are afraid to do: To use violence as a means to clean up the streets. 

Positive melodic aggression inspired by the romanticized Italian vigilante cop movies of the 70's and the complete lack of justice and decency in America today. 

VIGILANTE ROMANCE is one of my proudest achievements.  I put just as much effort into promoting it as I did in its creation.  Demos and portfolios were assembled and sent to many independent record labels, striking out with each of them.  I sent hundreds of CDs to different college and indie radio stations with little to no airplay.  It is certainly unfortunate because there is nothing else out there like VIGILANTE ROMANCE.

The album also contains a cover of the great Holy Knights ballad "Love Against the Power of Evil", sung by my friend Desiree.

01. Elect Me

You bastards think you've got this city by the balls.  When I came back from 'Nam I tried to play by your rules but they wouldn't ELECT ME.  I didn't shed blood for this country to see my family neighborhood be turned into a sewer.  I may be old and feeble but am not yet broken.  You want me to fade away in submission to the tribalism of your gangsters and the rotten suits and ties who protect them.  But let my voice be heard: IT IS BETTER TO DIE THAN TO SUBMIT to your ways.  I've sat silent in thought for some thirty years.  I've studied the intentions of those who rule with both brute and financial force and I've grown confident in the one fundamental principle that will reverse the effects of your social pollution: THE ONLY WAY TO BEAT VIOLENCE IS TO SMASH IT!

And smash it I shall, with all of the righteous hate that this old man can muster!  If the police choose not to protect the well being of those who wish to live in peace then I shall grasp the law, clench it in my fist, and beat it into the skulls of the filth who've ruined this city!  By my hands, THE LAWS OF THIS LAND WILL BE UPHELD!  Many of those in power have been paid off over the years.  Blasphemous judicial precedents are used to maintain disorder, generate revenue, and instill unnecessary fear into the minds of the innocent.  Our system is tainted.  For every law that could punish a criminal, there are three to protect him.  Therefore I shall trust my own righteous judgment.  Many would say that my actions are a greater crime against humanity.  To Hell with them!  WHEN THE LAW IS UNJUST IT IS NOT ONLY YOUR RIGHT, BUT YOUR DUTY TO REBEL!

Those worthless scumbags.  When I find you and press this cold barrel to your temple, when I slowly squeeze the trigger and release the world from your filthy tentacles, I'LL LAUGH AS YOU DIE.  For I do not find pain in my mission of liberation, but exquisite pleasure.  I willingly accept this role.  Typecast me the MAURIZIO MERLI of the streets.  With ecstatic joy I will look down at you on the cold city pavement as you drown in your own blood!

This preemptive strike is one of self-defense.  I suffer to awake each day knowing that this city is not what it could and should be.  And I suffer to know that my neighbor's losses may become my own at any moment.  The indecent are indebted to the decent and their payment is long overdue!  I am the repo man for the living.  


I will kill with pride.  My savage hatred is justified by my love of ideals.  In an effort to improve this place, to recreate the world, to better the lives of the righteous, tonight I shall strike with NO MERCY.  I will bathe in death because I WORSHIP LIFE.  Like a farmer who enables the life of his crops by pulling out the weeds, I will rid you from our garden!

Only in death, theirs or mine, will I find salvation.  I've long lost the fear of my own demise.  I WALK TALL IN THE DARKNESS.  Confidant.  Proud.  Righteous.  If this night is my last, so be it.  I will go out in stoic victory.  The strength of my ideals will make me an INVINCIBLE WINNER long after my body has perished because I have known a love for survival that few can comprehend.  My love is a LOVE AGAINST THE POWER OF EVIL.

02. It is Better to Die than to Submit
03. The Only Way to Beat Violence is to Smash It
04. The Laws of this Land Will Be Upheld
05. When the Law is Unjust, it is Not Only Your Right, but Your Duty to Rebel
06. I Laugh as You Die
07. Maurizio Merli
08. I Will Seek Payment, Not Only for My Own Anguish, but to Vindicate the Souls of the Unavenged
09. No Mercy
10. I Worship Life
11. Walk Tall in the Darkness
12. Invincible Winner
13. Love Against the Power of Evil