Title: Wahweap
Catalog: XLZACD007
Year: 2014
Location: Matthews, NC

After the time consuming programming of PROHAIRESIS, I was eager to get back into hardware synthesizers and live recording.  I wanted to have fun with music again.  VSTs and virtual synths had run their course.  I was ready to begin work on my final album, PROMONTORY, but wanted to explore some other hardware-related ideas first.  The result of that exploration was WAHWEAP and ROZEL...two albums dedicated to two of my favorite locations in nature. 

01. Bitter Water

PROMONTORY was intended to be my next album.  However, the process of learning a bunch of new equipment inspired me to record some "Promontory test tracks".  These tracks will be released on two unexpected albums, WAHWEAP (the one you're holding) and ROZEL (2015).

All of the music was recorded live, and usually produced from start to finish in a few hours.  After the tedious programming of PROHAIRESIS, i wanted to get back to what initially interested me in electronic music: sound and imagination.

All of these tracks were conceived of sound first and foremost with fancy arrangements an afterthought.  For the moment, i'm enjoying this carefree approach to music making as if it were 1997 again.

Why "Wahweap"?  Because it is one of the most beautifully dark places i have visited.  The memory of which strokes my imagination of the supernatural.  Also, these tracks are decidedly dissonant and vile...hopefully the aural equivalent of drinking alkaline water.

02. Hoodoo
03. Buck Tank Draw
04. Quill
05. Alkali Seep
06. Nipple Butte
07. Ty Hatch
08. Blue Cove
09. Haycock
10. Pariah
11. Rimrock
12. Tibbet
13. Tworoose