Title: We Kill You
Catalog: n/a
Year: 2000
Location: Millvale, PA

For the longest time, this was my least favorite album.  I still don't like it very much, but it has grown on me a bit.  I always resented it because it took the least amount of work to produce, and was my most popular release.  A 12" EP version was cut and got some attention in the underground.  The point of the album was to be as obnoxious and vile as possible.  I remember it being a big deal to me to title songs like this, being someone who didn't even curse in public.  I even crinkled up the CD inserts to look damaged.  WE KILL YOU was the final album to feature Kate Moss.

01. Intro by Bill Cosby
02. I Fucked Your Grandmother Up the Ass
03. Be a Vigilante Even if it Gets Innocent People Killed
04. Negroes Only Breed
05. Anal Retentive Repressed White Caucasian Fucks
06. Homos Spread AIDs
07.  Fucking the Traitorous Bitch
08. America is the Center of the Universe
09. Nobody Likes a Whiner
10. I'll Remove the Curse
11. The Christians were Rite
12. Incest is Best
13. When i Pulled My Dick Out, there was Blood on the Tip of It
14. We Won't Take No for an Answer
15. Raping Girls is Fun
16. Suicide is the Answer to All of Your Problems
17. Dirty Diana
18. Kill Your Parents
19. Lick it Off Your Face
20. We Will Always Hate You