Title: We Love You
Catalog: n/a
Year: 2002
Location: Economy, PA / Victorville, CA

Around this time, I was very much falling in love with all sorts of underground heavy metal and wanted to find a way to bring that influence into my music.  WE LOVE YOU is the first album where that influence begins to show.  I really wanted to develop this style further, and thought the best way to do so would be to kill off Soulpsychadelicide all together and release music under my own name.  WE LOVE YOU was the perfect album to do this.  Also, it allowed me to release some positive music to counteract WE KILL YOU, an album that I really hated at the time.

01. Intro by Brother Dave Gardner
02. Get Ready to Fite in the Name of Heaven
03. We Want Less Zombies
04. Love
05. Negroes Only Breed (Positive Version)
06. Don't Be a Coward
07. Because of Their Pedigreed Evil Intentions, and the Disgust We Have Towards all Zombies, Anyone Who Supports Hip Hop Culture is Our Enemy
08. Be the Power (Deathstalker Version)
09. The Unlimited Possibilities of Human Beings
10. Resist All Tendencies Toward Nihilism
11. Don't Give Up (No Turning Back Version)
12. There is a Way
13. Soulpsychadelicide