Who is Jon Zaremba?
I am!  I was a musician for 20 years, releasing over 30 albums.  This site serves as an archive of those recordings as well as a venue for my photographic and literary works.

I was born on February 11th, 1976 in Baden, PA, USA (a small Pittsburgh suburb).  I was lucky enough to spend much of my childhood alone, exploring the woods, staging massive Lego battles, and basically being a ninja.

I initially got into electronic music through 8-bit video games, but didn't decide to actually make the stuff myself until hearing UK hardcore breakbeat in the early 90s.  I released many albums under many different names, both on my own label as well as some smaller independents.  As I matured, I became more influenced by non-electronic forms of music, namely true heavy metal.  A proper introduction to Manowar at the end of the 90s had a profoundly positive impact on my life as a musician.

In time, I began to introduce elements of metal into my work, turning mere recordings into actual compositions.  When I decided to devote my energies to creating a new form of electronic false metal, I thought it best to kill off the first half of my catalog, thus putting all the pseudonyms to rest.  For this reason, I take pride in the 2nd half of my catalog more so than the earlier works.  The "Jon Zaremba" releases are much more focused and deliberate, often taking a distinctly philosophical approach.

.    .   .  .  .   .    .
There are several reasons why you've never heard of me:

Firstly, and perhaps most introspectively, my music is unprofessional.  I have no natural musical talent and didn't take lessons.  It shows.  Likewise, everything I've recorded has been done on my own at home, figuring things out and learning as I went along.

Secondly, I don't participate in music scenes and I don't join groups.  I value independence and self-sufficiency above all of my other ideals.  Because of this, I have rarely collaborated with other musicians and have spent more time walking around at night in headphones than selling my wares to promoters or influential figureheads.

And thirdly, my music has never sat comfortably within the confines of the various electronic genres.  Almost all accepted electronic music requires a dance floor sensibility.  Although I do enjoy some dance music, I deliberately brought elements into my compositions (both musically and philosophically) that violated the clubbing aesthetic.

.    .   .  .  .   .    .

Nevertheless, for years I continued as planned and remain very proud of my creations.  My time as a musician is over; Another bridge deliberately burnt; And I carry no regrets.  If you are curious of my reasoning, you can read a full explanation here.

My final album
PROMONTORY is the pinnacle of my work, expressing my philosophy of life exactly as I have developed it.  All of my previous releases have built up to this album, making it the perfect punctuation for my 20-year-long musical voyage.

.    .   .  .  .   .    .

What's next:

My plan is to express the meaning of my music using different visual artistic forms.  Even though I've already said everything that I have to say, I can be content to fill up the space between now and the end with the challenge of expressing my philosophical ideals via alternative means.